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Princess Sylvia Foundation Commemorates World Breastfeeding week.

Breastfeeding reminds us of the universal truth of abundance. The more we give out,the more we are filled up,and that divine nourishment,the source from which we all draw is like a mother’s breast. Ever full and ever flowing
{ Sarah Buckley}

Statistics worldwide has shown that while 68% of women continue to breastfeed their babies for atleast one year by the age of two,the rate still continues to drop to about 44%.

A more recent statistics also shows that only 29% of infants less than six months were exclusively breastfed in Nigeria .
As we commemorate this years’ World Breastfeeding week,it is pertinent to note that the pursuit of a career could pose a barrier to effective breastfeeding.Though not limiting a woman’s dreams but rather finding a balance between mothering and work will be of a more greater good.
It’s benefit to both mother and child cannot be overemphasized. Is it the bond it strengthens between mother and child or the disease it helps to combat in the system of the child. Do we also need to speak of it’s tendency to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes or for the slaying mother’s,the fact that it makes it easier for them to return to the weight they were before pregnancy. These wonderful experiences and much more is what nature has blessed the WOMAN with and it is one never to trade for anything in the world.

This also has in no way tampered with gender equality issues because it rather proves the strength in our ability to multi-task which means a woman can chase her dreams to what ever length and still be able to enjoy these wonderful mothering experience, a task that might seem unachievable but the WOMAN is able to achieve with so much easier.

As we reminisce on those wonderful moments when the little baby instantly stops to cry at the feel of the mother’s nipple and those very tiring moments when there are lot of things left undone and baby won’t stop crying,let it be the force that pushes us to ace mothering and the career space.

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